About Us

Take Charge Of Your Life

An innovative wellness company dedicated to improve POSTURE, helping people to have functional movement, pain free, happiness and relaxation. In collaboration with Pancafit® and Raggi Method® patented in the whole world.

THE POSTURE EFFECT has the exclusivity for introducing the methodology and its products to America, starting with USA. With already a high success in many countries of Europe, and 24 years of be proven as a great tool for improving lives.

WE ARE PROUDLY introducing a new model that will be basic in the wellness industry in America.


The Posture Effect aims to transform peoples´ bodies to have an unexpectedly amazing experience of life so they can do what they love. To give to our clients the highest quality of postural rebalance, obtaining supreme motion, removing pain and gain relaxation.


Be a LEADING Company in the postural field in the American Continent, to have centers throughout where people will improve their lives by joining our different programs. To be a POPULAR destination for everybody who is interested in wellness.

For the last fourteen years I had suffered back pains. I tried all types of treatments, both medical and alternative with very little improvement. I tried this treatment and the pain went away, my stamina returned, and my posture improved noticeably. There are not enough words to explain the benefits I have received from this therapy. I will definitely continue with it. I highly recommend it for anyone suffering back, knee, or neck pains, or for people with bad posture too.

Victor Manzanilla 67 years old, M.D.

My wrists, elbows and shoulders kept me awake at night because of the pain...With the help of Professor Raggi and a constant usage of Pancafit the pain has drastically reduced; I suffer less and feel more agile and faster...This method is really helping me balancing the joints usury due to the intense daily training. I am very satisfied!

Antonio Rossi Italian Sprint Canoer who has competed in the Olympics since the early 1990’s

Why make our body suffer when there is Pancafit? A miracle happened to me! I wasn’t able to walk because I had backpain, what could I do? I started Raggi´s Method to improve my posture. It seemed to me like a dream to have found Pancafit. In a short time (4 lessons) I started walking without pain!

Maria Grazia Crema 63 years, regular client