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Travel Lumbar Pad




The travel lumbar pad is designed to relieve the columnand reduce tiredness and pain. And … much more. Equipped with a physiological radius curve relative to the lumbar tract, it can be used in different ways and environments, depending on the needs.

Its purpose is to support the back in times of need, fatigue, overload and pain. It takes the name of “travel lumbar”, as it was originally born to be tied at the waist and to follow the person in various activities, in sports, in the gym, in the car. In fact, its comfortable strap with three fixing rings means that it can also be used comfortably on the home or desk chair.

The difference in the position of the column with the use of the cushion and without is evident. The column is much more straight, without effort and without pain; what you see in photo 3 is not a trivial simulation, but what really happens naturally. The mechanical and proprioceptive stimulus act independently of our will.

The use of the lumbar travel cushion is also very practical when you have to stand still, both at home and at work (for activities such as ironing, washing dishes, working at the sales counter, loading / unloading goods, etc.). But also for walking, running, playing sports, lifting weights, doing heavy work, gardening … And even for cycling and motorcycling.

In the car, the travel lumbar cushion behaves like an office chair; allows a decidedly more correct posture and avoids back pain; it is really useful and effective. The manner in which it acts on the lumbar area is easily deduced, maintaining the physiological curve.

The product is sold accompanied by exhaustive instructions to guarantee its correct use.

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