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Toe Spacers




This accessory is extremely useful for helping your toes regain their natural shape, which is changed every day by tight shoes and high heels. Work on your Hallux Varus, Bunions, Hammers Toes, Plantar Fasciitis.

When treating a person with our global approach, the action of toe spacers has an important effect on all the chains that end precisely at each toe.

In the case of treatment of hallux valgus, separitis can be a valid aid if combined with the action of the toe band.

When more incisive therapeutic actions are necessary, it is useful to resort to combined systems which, thanks to the synergistic action of several elements, allow greater postural responses. As shown in photo 1, for example it is possible to combine:

– Pancafit®
– the trapezoidal clapboard
– the belt locks the legs
– the separadites
– the toe band

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