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Hallux Band




Inextensible band with velcro for hallux valgus
Created to treat hallux valgus while the person is in a global posture decompensated on Pancafit® in order to act on the muscle chains, the main causes of this condition (see photo 1). The action of the toe band is particularly effective provided that the muscle chains are adequately stressed in compliance with this method.

One of the greatest expressions of techniques and postures for the treatment of numerous pathologies is given by the combination of elements (as shown in photo 2) such as:

– hallux valgus band;
– trapezoidal proprioceptive lath for action in semi-closed chain
– leg-locking belt to eliminate leg compensation
– toes spacer to act on the whole foot and the terminal part of the muscle chains
– correct position on Pancafit®.

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