Pancafit® is the only tool at the service of Raggi Method® patented in the whole world, that is able to rebalance posture in a very easy and quick way by acting on muscular chains. It can restore freedom and wellness in every part of the body through the “global non-compensated muscular stretching”.

It is a method of postural working that carefully takes into consideration the clients in their whole, observing any parameter, sign, dysfunction, or trauma. Everything that has influenced people’s life and posture must be taken into account.

During the analysis we do in the practice with the clients, we search for past physical traumas, scars, surgical interventions, malocclusions (having internal or external cause), bad posture, wrong ways of doing exercise or of using the body in general, emotional situations that have left a deep sign on the patients; we investigate in order to detect the presence of intestinal dysbiosis, alimentary intolerances, autoimmune diseases & hereditary factors.

“THE GLOBAL NON-COMPENSATED MUSCULAR STRETCHING” is in fact the main feature of this method aiming to involve all muscular chains at once. As a matter of fact, also the breathing chain has to be inevitably involved during every breathing act in relationship with the other chains. This needs to be done in a non-compensated way, so that the emotional factor results involved, too.

The union of all these combined actions acts on the whole postural system and aims to restore the normal muscular tone and freedom of all the joints. It is a good way to obtain a better breathing, free joints, disappearance of the pain, a better flow of blood, general wellness.

Thanks to this working method, many osteomuscular pathologies and pain are reduced or they even disappear: cervical pain, back pain, lumbar pain, lumbosciatic pain, tendonitis, bursitis, osteitis pubis, radiculitis, epicondylitis, carpal tunnel, periarthritis, fibromyalgia, discal protrusions, hiatal hernias, arthrosis at the back, coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis. It is also very useful in case of hyperkyphosis, hyperlordosis, and scoliosis.

In conclusion, this method and Pancafit® act on those pathologies that are mainly caused by muscular retractions, i.e. by exaggerated pressures inside the joints.