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INTRODUCING 45 min class, ONE OF A KIND, Innovative Postural Solutions

With the help of Pancafit® the only tool at the service of Raggi Method® patented in the whole world, your body inmediately will adopt a more correct position and attitude.
First Timers

( One Class )

Starter Combo

( 4 Classes )
( Expires 60 Days )

Posture One Day

( One Class )
( Expires 30 Days )

8 Classes

( 8 Classes )
( Expires 60 Days )

12 Classes

( 12 Classes )
( Expires 90 Days )

24 Classes

( 24 Classes )
( Expires 180 Days )


What to Expect?

No sweaty class, expect easy postural exercises where sweat is not involved.
You don’t have to be fit and you can come even if you have injuries.
Gentle alignment, is safe and easy on the body.
Mindfulness Meditation.

The new Mindfulness Experience

In our classes you will reconect with the culture of listening to your body, learn to read all your different pains and have better undertstanding to heal them. Gain through our breathing technique harmony and widespread wellness.

Private Sessions

Do you want to have a boost in your Posture? Private sessions are a faster way to achieve your goals, your Posture Trainer will adapt a specific program for you depending on all your traumas and lifestyle.

Detailed Postural Analysis using measurement equipment

Detailed Postural Analysis using measurement equipment

Comparison Photos

Coaching to create awareness on the body

Coaching in creating Healthy Habits

Please talk to one of our trainers to check which private package is best for you.